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BF-torino Martin Willems

Martin Willems is the exclusive distributor of BF Torino classic sportscar seats in Europe.

Made in Italy, since 1968. Specially designed for applications in classic cars. With focus on sports appearance and practicality.

To realize sound recoveries of car-interiors in classic sports cars.


The operation of BF can best be described with the term manufacture. Efficient mass production, high craftsmanship and state of the art technology provide the highest quality. Almost all materials and fabrics arrive directly from the automobile production industry, such as the leather, synthetic leather and the seat adjustment systems. Corrision protection of the steel tube seat frames is guaranteed by coating with a cataphoresische paint system In 2000, most of our seat models were subjected to an audit by DEKRA. The seats and seat tracks have been tested according to EU guidelines and are suitable for use in vehicles with the first registration prior to 01.10.1999. The Monza seat is approved for vehicles registered after 1999. For smaller series and kitcar manufacturers, we can also manufacture the Nurburgring according to new car standards. Head rests are always delivered together with the seats.

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